When Creating a New Deployment in DPLYR you will be asked for some information about the VM you will be running your app on. This is a guide on how to get the information needed for a successful DPLYR deployment.

1- Go to Amazon Web Services’ Website. (link)

2- Sign in if you have account, if not make one.

3- After you created your account or signed in to your account. Click on EC2

4- Click on Launch Instance

5- Select Ubuntu

6- Select free tier t2.micro instance and click “Review and Launch”

7- Create a key pair and make sure to save it somewhere safe. You won’t be able to replace it. This is the file to upload as SSH key in DPLYR. And click Launch Instance

8- Copy the Public DNS (IPv4) in the SSH host field in DPLYR


I'm Ahmed M. Gamal the co-founder and CEO of DPLYR