Introducing version 2.0 of DPLYR the tool that helps you – developers – to deploy and host websites more easily.

We’re so excited to announce the new features in DPLYR version 2.0 we’ve added a ton of cool new features that will help you make your life easier as a developer.

1- Completely new UI

In this version, we’ve replaced the old UI with a completely new built-from-scratch UI. This new UI will make your experience using DPLYR far easier and more efficient.
You can see below the HUGE difference between the two versions

Below, The old UI screen in DPLYR, version

2- Support for new languages and databases

Since we started DPLYR with support for only Node.js and MongoDB we’ve expanded our support in an amazing way. Theoretically, you can deploy more 65% of the world’s code with DPLYR
Now we support deploying:
– Node.js
– Laravel
– Golang
– Static websites
– MongoDB
– MongoDB

3- Machines by DPLYR

In the first version of DPLYR, you had to create machines on your own in your favorite cloud provider but our users found it hard to go through AWS, GCP, or any other cloud provider machine creation wizard but it was too annoying for our users. (we even had a complete guide about that here)
And we listened to our users and created Machines by DPLYR a completely new way of creating servers on the cloud now you can use very powerful machines provided by us made specifically so it runs your code fast and when I say fast I mean it. Now you can deploy / host websites that can handle tens of thousands of visitors at the same moment (over 70,000 visitors in Node.js) and only for an affordable 18$ monthly fee.
And it gives you a cool .dplyr domain so you can demo to your clients confidently.

Machines Page version

4- One-click Apps

Now you can deploy popular apps in a very easy way. Just go to the one-click apps page in your new beautiful dashboards and choose the app of your choice and deploy it in less than 20 minutes.
Unfortunately, we only support WordPress and Drupal currently, but for more in the near future Magento, OpenCart and Re:dash are just examples of the things coming down the line very soon

5- A final note…

We are really thankful for our users, the users that made us to this point you are not users you are our partners. We have made a huge effort in this new version and we made it just to make YOUR experience better. You are the one who made us reach the 18,000 user milestone. Today is a historical day for us. So again thank you


I'm Ahmed M. Gamal the co-founder and CEO of DPLYR